FELP Highlights

Monthly Highlights

Students participated in a “My Plate” activity

Dorothy Grant Innovations Academy

Portioned Plates – Grant students participated in a “My Plate” activity. The emphasized theme of Healthy Living was the focus of the craft, and many students were eager to create their own personal menus. Students learned the value of a well-balanced meal all while having fun.

Student Using Ozobots

Hemlock Elementary

Ozobot Club – Students enjoyed using color codes and the web application Blocky to code their Ozobots. They have been working towards mastering the use of their bots all school year. They even created their own towns out of cardboard houses for their bots to explore. What a great way to learn to code!

Students Restorative Circles & Healthy Mindset

Almond Elementary

Restorative Circles & Healthy Mindset - Students focused on relationship building, mental health, and maintaining a healthy mindset. Students also started their restorative circles where students learn from each other and keep their “palabra” which translates to keep your word. We are proud of our strides here in the after school program.

Student Using Ozobots

Mango Elementary

FELP Fun – Students were reintroduced to Ozobots and all the fun and exciting things that have to do with creating color code commands. Students were able to build on their skillset and discover new ways of coding through patterns and color codes. 

Student learning the chemical reaction of Ice cream

Primrose Elementary

DIY Ice Cream – Primrose FELP screams for ice cream! Students were able to perform the chemical reaction responsible for giving us this sweet treat by mixing all of the ingredients together. They had to work for it first, churning their ice cream for about 10 minutes in total. They then enjoyed the delicious treat after their hard work. Yummy!

Student learning about owls

Redwood Elementary

Nature Center – Redwood staff and students, welcomed the Mary Vagle Nature Center staff for a presentation about owls and their pellets. Students learned about different types of owls, what they feed on, their two stomachs, and how they formed the pellet. It was very exciting and a new experience for they after school program.

Student showing a flower that showcased his talents.

Sierra Lakes Elementary 

Garden of Greatness – Students learned about how self-esteem and feeling good about themselves can encourage growth by creating flowers that showcased their talents. After, they included these flowers in the class Garden of Greatness display. This great enrichment activity was very positive and helped students identify their best personality traits within themselves while displaying them through art.