Healthy Fontana

February is National Cancer Prevention Month

Spreading knowledge on the significance of National Cancer Prevention Month can help encourage individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle in order to avoid the many different forms of cancer. Eat healthier, get physically active, and engage in medical check-ups on a more regular basis.

You can find out more info in this month's newsletter!

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Upcoming Events

**Times & location subject to change

  • Fontana Walks! | Saturday, March 9 | 8-9am | Fontana Park - with guest, Americas Best Contacts & Eyeglasses for free giveaways and resources!
  • Garden Workshop | Saturday, March 16 | 9-10am | Central City Park Community Garden - Seed paper activity, planning for summer gardening, and more about the benefits of gardening!
  • Fontana Walks! Saturday, April 13 | 8-9am | Mary Vagle Nature Center 
  • Fontana Walks! | Saturday, May 11 | 8-9am | Central City Park - with guest, Cucamonga Water Valley District for free giveaways and resources!

Pacific Electric Trail

  • This 18.4 mile trail runs 7 miles through Fontana crossing multiple parks, resource centers, and beautiful scenery.
Pacific Electric Trail (FONTANA) Map