Burn Permits

Permit Information

The Fire Department issues permits for recreational warming or cooking fires, provided that these are conducted on an approved burn day. The following restrictions and conditions apply to all open burning within the City:

  • All burning activity using solid fuel must be either within a container or outside pit. Pits shall be a maximum of two feet by three feet and must be conducted at least 25 feet from any structure. Containers must be at least 15 feet from structures.
  • All burning activities must be constantly attended by a responsible person, who must have a garden hose or fire extinguisher immediately available.
  • Combustible vegetation that has been cut and dried can only be burned in an outside incinerators with an approved spark arrestor. Burning of trash is not allowed.
  • Burning is not permitted when wind speed exceeds 10 miles per hour or when smoke or hazardous conditions create a danger or nuisance to the public. No open burning is permitted in designated wildfire risk areas.

To obtain a permit or for more information, please call the Fire District main office at (909) 829-4441.