Juvenile Fire Starter Program


Most everyone enjoys a campfire, but some children find setting fires too tempting. When problems in this area are identified by the Police, school officials, parents, etc., the Fire Department has a program that helps to educate these kids as to the hazards of fire, the consequences of inappropriate actions, and ways to keep themselves out of trouble in the future.


Any juvenile (under the age of 18) who is found to be involved in the illegal setting of a fire will be interviewed by a Department investigator. The investigator, working in conjunction with the Public Education Section supervisor, will determine how best to deal with a given situation within the mandates prescribed by both society and the law. These situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis utilizing training, experience, common sense, and compassion.

Contact Information

Anyone with information to give or for answers to questions or advice relative to dealing with a juvenile fire setter may contact the Fire Investigation Unit at:

Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM)
620 South E St.
San Bernardino, CA, 92415-0179
Phone: (909) 386-8400