Patrol Unit

As the largest and most visible unit within the Police Department, the Patrol Unit is the first point of contact for the general public. The Patrol Unit is the foundation and strength of any law enforcement agency.


Providing around-the-clock protection and service to the community, Patrol has the primary function of: 

  • Apprehending criminals
  • Enforcing all laws
  • Investigating crimes
  • Working towards the prevention of crime

Patrol Areas

The City of Fontana encompasses 55 square miles and is broken into four areas for patrol:  

  • Area 1 - All areas north of 210 freeway
  • Area 2 - Area from the 210 freeway south to Foothill
  • Area 3 - Area between Foothill and the 10 freeway
  • Area 4 - All areas south of the 10 freeway

Additional Information

For details on the patrol areas, see Area Commander Program or call (909) 350-7740.