Research & Data

Demographic Profile

  1. Education
  2. Workforce
  3. Income

High School Education & Mayor's Education Coalition

Fontana students are served by five school districts. The City of Fontana, local businesses, and surrounding schools have partnered to form the Mayor's Education Coalition, which connects students to internship and certification opportunities to prepare them for employment after graduation. 

Higher Education

After graduation, students can attend the Chaffey Community College Fontana Campus and, coming soon, the South Fontana Campus. Fontana is surrounded by 11 colleges and universities within an hour's drive, all preparing the future workforce with the skills and expertise needed to add value to Fontana's thriving companies.

With a developed talent pipeline extending from childhood education to technical training, the City of Fontana is equipped to supply the skilled workers employers need and keep up with the ongoing training needs of employees.


  1. Spending Trends

What are Fontana residents spending their money on?

  • Housing: $1.23 B
  • Food at Home: $314 M
  • Healthcare: $304 M
  • Food Away from Home: $234 M
  • Entertainment/Recreation: $180 M
  • Travel; $142 M
  • Apparel & Services: $130 M
  • Household Furnishings & Equipment: $126 M
  • Education: $104 M
  • Vehicles Maintenance: $63 M
  • Personal Care: $53 M