Multiple Enforcement Team

Bicycle Unit

  • Provides proactive patrols in areas typically inaccessible to patrol cars
  • Allows for face-to-face contact with the public to aid in community-based partnerships
  • Provides for greater visibility in patrolling parks, apartment complexes and businesses

Gang Unit

  • Gather intelligence on known and suspected gang members
  • Investigate gang-related crimes
  • Suppress criminal gang activity

Graffiti Enforcement Team

  • Officers with specialized training in identifying various types of graffiti
  • Work directly with the Public Works Department  to track and remove graffiti
  • Report graffiti at (909) 350-GONE or via Access Fontana


  • Target any and all instances of drug sales
  • Arrest people who manufacture, possess or engage in criminal drug-related activities
  • Report suspected drug activity at (909) 356-7186 or email

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

  • In an undercover capacity, assist patrol with complex or lengthy investigations
  • Partner with Parole and Probation to combat crime and repeat offenders related to early release legislation
  • Respond to citizen’s requests for continued nuisances, disturbances or quality of life issues
  • Assist Area Commanders and patrol with various projects
  • Goals are to assist as needed, and do so in a Rapid manner

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Multiple Enforcement Team

(909) 356-7186 or email

Monday - Thursday
7 am to 5 pm