Who needs to be present at an inspection?
It is highly recommended that an adult familiar with the project be present during the inspection. However, on small residential projects where the work can be inspected without entering the occupied portion of the house or garage, the inspections can be performed without the owner or contractor present (i.e. patios, decks, pools, and reroofs). Be sure to allow access and make sure that dogs or other animals are secured. If a ladder is required, have one available for the inspector to use. Also be sure to leave the permit and the approved plans on site and readily accessible for the inspector. All other projects require an adult to be present during the inspection. This could be the property owner, licensed contractor, or an authorized agent. If the work is being done by a contractor, it is recommended that they be present during the inspection in order to consult with the inspector.

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1. Who needs to be present at an inspection?
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