How can local businesses get involved?

Healthy Fontana is always looking to grow and expand its success throughout the Fontana community. If you are a local company or retailer, we would love to have your support! Some of our sponsors include Lewis Operating Companies and Young Homes, which have committed their full support for all programs whenever possible. No matter your size, Healthy Fontana is proud to partner with local businesses that are eager to spread Healthy Fontana’s ideals of healthy living throughout the community and beyond. If your business is interested in getting involved with Healthy Fontana as a sponsor or program partner, please contact Healthy Fontana at (909) 350-6542.

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1. What is the Healthy Fontana program?
2. What motivated Fontana City Councilwoman Acquanetta Warren to start the Healthy Fontana program?
3. How can local businesses get involved?