Local Hazard Mitigation Plan



What’s an LHMP?

An LHMP will allow Fontana to better plan for future emergencies. After a disaster occurs, communities take steps to recover from the emergency event and rebuild. An LHMP is a way for the City to better understand and prepare in advance for disasters so that when they happen, impacts are reduced and recovery is more manageable. An LHMP can also help strengthen the mission of public safety officers, such as police and fire department staff, providing them with clear roles and responsibilities to build a safer community.

What can I do now to be better prepared for disasters? 

  • Know the hazards that may affect you at home, work, or school. You can find out more at http://myhazards.caloes.ca.gov/
  • Assemble an emergency kit for your home. In a disaster, you may have to rely on supplies in your emergency kit for at least three days. Be sure to include supplies for pets and anyone in your home with special needs. Learn more at https://www.ready.gov/kit
  • Have a disaster plan for your household, including how people should contact each other if a disaster occurs and where you should meet.

1st Aid Kit

How can I get involved? 

 You can get involved in helping us prepare the LHMP in different ways.  

  •  Please review the Draft LHMP for public review and provide comments - Coming Soon!
  • Take the disaster survey below! 

For more information, please contact Rina Leung, Senior Planner at (909) 350-6566 or via email.