Sidewalk Vending Rules and Requirements

What is a Sidewalk Vendor

CA Senate Bill 946 defines “sidewalk vendor” as a person who sells food or merchandise from a stand, display, showcase, rack, approved transport (pedal-driven cart, pushcart, or wagon), or other non-motorized transport, or from one’s person, upon a public sidewalk or other pedestrian path. 

Two Categories

1. Stationary Vendor:

Selling food or merchandise in a fixed location without assistance from a transport. 

2. Roaming Vendor:

Selling food or merchandise while moving from place to place whether by foot or approved transport.

How To Obtain a Sidewalk Vending Permit

City of Fontana Sidewalk Vending Booklet (PDF)

Permitted Sidewalk Vendor Reimbursement

About This Program

The Sidewalk Vendor Reimbursement Program aims to facilitate the transition of non-compliant sidewalk vendors into authorized, permitted vendors by providing comprehensive support. This program will offer financial reimbursement to sidewalk vendors, covering the expenses associated with procuring an approved permit. These expenses encompass the fees imposed by the San Bernardino County Environmental Health and the City of Fontana. 

It is estimated that the acquisition of proper licenses and permits can incur substantial costs, with an approximate maximum of $2,000 per license/permit fee.

Program Requirements: 

  • Must be located in the City of Fontana 
  • Must be a sidewalk vendor (not a food truck) 
  • Must have five employees or fewer
  • Must currently be operational
  • Must identify the exact location  
Sidewalk Vendor Food Truck Refresh

The City of Fontana does not allow Mobile Food Facilities (MFF) or Food Trucks unless connected with a public or private event. Special Event Application must be submitted and approved by the City of Fontana. 

If the city issues a food truck event permit, the contents of the permit application shall become ongoing permit conditions, which exist in addition to any other permit conditions and/or restrictions imposed by the city. Prior to issuance of the Food Truck Event Vendor (FTE) permit the applicant shall demonstrate that bonding and insurance requirements have been met to the satisfaction of the director and chief of police.

Required Documents

The following documents are required and must be submitted with the application for review and approval:

 Business Documents Required for application approval: 

  • Fictitious Business Name (DBA)
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Environmental Health Permit 
  • Business License – City of Fontana
  • CA Seller’s Permit 
  • W9 (PDF) 
  • Proof of Receipts for Processing (Environmental Health Permit, City Business License, DBA Registration)