Fontana Arts Festival

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The Fontana Arts Festival is a family-friendly event set to take place Saturday, May 20, 2023, at Fontana Park, located at 15556 Summit Ave. from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. The Fontana Arts Festival celebrates all facets of arts and culture with an emphasis on creating entertaining and interactive opportunities connecting professional and emerging artist to the community. 

 Experience live music and dance performances, artist workshops, artisanal shopping, food trucks, and a beer and wine garden. The Fontana Arts Festival will blend a variety of electrifying performing arts including music and dance with an artistic display of the visual arts including workshops, professional artist exhibits, and art demonstrations.

For more information about the Fontana Arts Festival or to be a vendor contact the Art Depot Gallery at (909) 349-6975 or email: To stay up to date on upcoming events, visit the Fontana Arts web page at  at

 Special Performance by Tomasina



Don't miss our great line-up of vendors!


  • KK's Cravings (ice cream sundaes)
  • Bogs Burgers 
  • Fluff (cotton candy)
  • Hess BBQ N More 
  • Al Stiloo (Mexican)
  • Sweet Dough Cinna Rolls
  • The CHD LLC (dumplings)

Visual Artists:

  • Karl Washington
  • Vanessa & Carmen Moreno 
  • Daniela Oschman
  • Pin Plugged
  • Nathaniel Osollo
  • Oscar Navarro
  • Jesse Rodriguez


  • Brittni Dixon
  • Cathy Gutierrez
  • Chalay Changler
  • Michelin Smith
  • Kim Beam 
  • Parris Allen 
  • Eddie Valencia
  • Magaly Munoz
  • Garland D.
  • Leslie Madrigal
  • Elizabeth Becerra
  • Claudia Sanchez
  • Danielle Robinson
  • Destiny 
  • Vanessa Palacios
  • Denise Cervera

Info Booths:

  • Fontana Art Association
  • Lewis Library 
  • Healthy Fontana
  • Art Connection