Purchasing Guidelines

Before You Bid

It is important that your firm be capable of complying with all the requirements before bidding. If the material is unclear or other complications arise, contact the Purchasing Office at (909) 350-6605 as soon as possible. Do not wait until the date and time of the bid closing.

Methods of Procurement

Competition is essential when doing business with the City of Fontana. Most procurement actions with a dollar value of $10,001 or more will be competitively bid. This may be in the form of email quotes or written bids. All purchases in excess of $100,000 dollars are formally bid and subject to approval by the City Council.

Purchasing Guidelines for Commodities & Services



$2,500 and less
No bid necessary, may use City credit card.
Up to $10,000
No bid necessary.
$10,001 - $100,000
Written quotes (minimum of three)
More than $100,000
Formal bid

Purchasing Guidelines for Public Works Projects              





$60,000 and less
No bid necessary
$60,001 - $200,000
Informal bid
More than $200,000
Formal bid

Insurance Requirements

Type of Insurance




General Liability



Single Limit


Workers' Compensation