SB-1383 Food Waste Recycling Program

California adopted Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) which requires communities to reduce organic waste disposal, such as food waste, by 75% by 2025. To achieve this mandate, the City and Burrtec have launched a pilot Food Waste Recycling Program for certain residential barrel customers. Participating neighborhoods have been selected to participate in this effort to refine the residential food waste program before implementing a City wide launch.

Effective August 10, 2020, residents participating in the Pilot Food Waste Program will use existing green waste barrel to collect bagged food waste. Please do not place food waste directly into the green waste barrel in order to prevent green waste contamination and avoid additional processing costs. Clear plastic bags are recommended but not required and are available at local retailers and online sales outlets. The collection day will not change.

Organic waste is mainly comprised of food scraps and yard waste such as landscape waste, green waste and pruning waste.


Acceptable Organic Waste Material List

Green Waste Barrel Food Waste Pail Non-Acceptable Items
Grass Clippings
Other Yard Waste
Bagged Food Waste

Pet Waste
Palm Fronds

City of Fontana

Pilot Food Waste Program Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Q. Why is Burrtec doing this?

            A. Senate Bill 1383 requires the cities and counties to reduce organic waste [food waste, green waste, paper products, etc.] disposal by 75% by 2025. In other words, the state must reduce organic waste disposal by more than 20 million tons annually by 2025. All jurisdictions must comply. State enacted SB 1383, which is designed to reduce the global warming gasses like methane, which are the most potent and are “short-lived”. Reducing this gas now, through actions like organic waste recycling will significantly reduce emissions, and will reduce the impacts of climate change in our life time.

Q. Is everyone participating?

A. No. This is a pilot program and only a selected area will be participating during the pilot period.

Q. How much will this cost?

            A. The program will be free of charge for the select residential barrel customers during the pilot period.

Q. Will bags be supplied to line the food waste pail?

            A. No. The bags must be purchased by the customer.

Q. What type of bags can be used?

            A. We recommend clear plastic bags that are available at your local hardware store or through online vendors. Non-clear bags are also acceptable.

Q. Why are clear bags preferred over non-clear?

            A. To see more easily the contents of the food waste.

Q. What’s the benefit in doing this?

            A. Your participation in this effort will assist in refining your City’s residential food waste program before implementing a City-wide launch.

Q. I backyard compost, do I have to participate?

            A. We encourage you to continue composting but all non-composted food waste items, such as meat bones, can be recycled through this program.

Q. What happens if my kitchen food waste pail breaks?

            A. Burrtec will replace the pail at no additional charge.

Q. What if the food waste pail bag rips?

            A. Try to place the food waste inside another bag, secure it, and place it inside your green waste barrel.

Q. How can I clean the food waste pail?

            A. The pail can be hand washed. Keep in mind it is also dishwasher friendly. We recommend wiping it down before adding a new liner for optimum results.

Q. How often should I clean the food waste pail?

            A. Wash the pail regularly.

Q. How do I reduce food waste odors?

            A. Sprinkle baking soda in the pail to reduce odor.

Q. Who collects the material?

            A. The food waste will be collected along with your green waste barrel.

Q. How often will you pick it up?

            A. The food waste will be picked up once a week on your regular service day.

Q. When will the full program be implemented?

            A. January 1, 2022 is the projected start date.

Q. Where does the food waste go?

            A. The food waste will be sent to an organics processing waste facility where it will be composted or used as feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

Q. Who would I contact for service questions or concerns?

A. Customers can contact Burrtec Customer Service Department at (909) 822-9739 or email