Sierra Avenue (Foothill Boulevard to Baseline Avenue) Street Improvement Project

Project Schedule

Engineering and Environmental Studies have been completed. Project construction is currently scheduled to begin in Fall 2022. At this time, work hours, detours, and construction schedule details have not been determined. 

Project Description

Sierra Avenue is one of the City of Fontana’s major north-south transportation corridors. The proposed Sierra Avenue Street Improvement Project would offer the following benefits:

  • Improved North-South Access: The existing four-lane road is at capacity and will not be able to handle future forecasted traffic. The project would improve access between downtown Fontana and north Fontana and the State Route 210 corridor by widening a section of Sierra Avenue from two lanes to three lanes in each direction.
  • Enhanced Traffic Flow: Areas of Sierra Avenue do not have a median refuge to make left turns. Vehicles turning left at intersections and into driveways can cause traffic congestion during peak hours and increase the chance of rear-end collisions. The project would add left-turn lanes and upgraded traffic signals at the intersections of Foothill Boulevard, Miller Avenue and Baseline Avenue. The project also meets the City’s Master Plan for Circulation in this area, which identifies this section of Sierra Avenue as a “Modified Major Highway.” 
  • Upgraded Connectivity and Accessibility: Many parts of the project area do not have sidewalks, while other areas have sidewalks, but they are not connected. Some existing sections of sidewalks are uneven or buckled, which limits accessibility for pedestrians, particularly for seniors, those with disabilities, and those using wheelchairs. This section of road also does not have bicycle lanes. Many intersections do not have curb ramps. Where curb ramps exist, many need to be upgraded to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The project would add continuous concrete sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and standardized curb and driveway ramps on both sides of Sierra Avenue to improve connectivity through the area and promote active modes of transportation.
  • Beautification: Landscaping in this area is minimal and does not have a theme to build community pride. A raised, landscaped median is proposed to beautify the area and reduce points of conflict for left-turn and U-turn movements.

View 60-second video of the current conditions in this section of Sierra Avenue.

The first graphic below illustrates the current roadway configuration of this section of Sierra Avenue between Fairfax Avenue and Montgomery Avenue, with two lanes in each direction. The second graphic shows the proposed wider roadway with three lanes in each direction, landscaped median, bicycle lane and sidewalk/parkway.

Traffic Lane Example

Project Area

Sierra Avenue (Foothill Boulevard to Baseline Avenue) Street Improvement Project Area

Project Fact Sheet

A project fact sheet is available in English and Spanish. Please click below for downloadable versions.

Fact Sheet, English (PDF)

Fact Sheet, Spanish (PDF)

For Property Owners

Property owners who believe they may be affected by the Sierra Avenue Widening and Improvement Project may contact the City of Fontana to request a meeting to learn more about the project plans. To request a meeting or more information, please contact the Project Manager via email or at (909) 350-6724.

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Project Manager via email or at (909) 350-6724.