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Doing Business With Purchasing

Our goal is to make the purchasing process easier for you while concurrently maintaining the integrity of the process, that is, to facilitate the acquisition of the best product or service at the least cost to the taxpayer.

The City of Fontana has implemented an online purchasing management system. This system allows you to register online to bid for services and commodities. After winning a bid you will electronically register as a Vendor using the VSS system to update contact information, view existing purchase orders, contracts and payment history.

How to Register, Bid, Get Paid and Guidelines

The following information outlines the purchasing operations, procedures, and policies for the City of Fontana:

1.  Register as a Vendor, then Bid on Opportunities

2. Vendor Self Service (VSS)

Won a bid? Submit an invoice? Want to check on payments due to you?
Make an sign up through the City's Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal.
You can update contact information, view existing purchase orders, contracts, payment history. 

Vendor Payment Log In - Self-Service Portal (VSS) -Must have completed the below registration and are currently doing business with the City.
Use your email in place of your user name.

Sign Up - Self Service Portal (VSS) - Register here after you have registered as a vendor, won a bid or are expecting payment from the City.

If you have an existing account, you may be required to re-register. 

Instructions (PDF)

If you are trying to make a payment to the City contact Accounts Receivable 909-350-7683.

Vendor forms:
W-9 - Mandatory, fill out and attach when registering.
ACH Authorization - Fill out and attach if you want to be paid electronically.

Purchasing Operations, Procedures & Policies

  1. Methods of Procurement
  2. Purchasing Guidelines
  3. Insurance Requirement

Note: The policies set forth in this website are in compliance with the Municipal Code and Ordinances for the City of Fontana.

Contact Us

For more purchasing information and details, please contact any member of the Purchasing staff.